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Who doesn’t want to achieve the strongest and best version of yourself and your appearance? If you crave more self-confidence, empowerment is your keyword. Empowerment is about realising your worth and giving yourself time and space to focus on your growth. It’s how you make optimal use of your potential.


The result: you feel better about yourself, and you get more out of life. Sounds great, right? But how do you actually do it? We are here to help and share exactly how you can improve your life through empowerment.

What is empowerment?

Empowerment gives you a feeling of control over your behaviour and makes you confident that you can realise all your potential. We look at empowerment as a path to living more happily. No surprise then that it is also one of our Yaomi Skin Care core values. Yes, but how do you find your powerful side?

At Yaomi, we consider empowerment an awareness process, a positive journey that teaches you that you can achieve much more than you thought. It does require you to step outside your comfort zone. This process can look different for everyone, but it usually involves daring to take up more space and working on self-love. Keep reading while we explain why self-love and self-confidence are an essential part of this process. We also have three practical tips for how you can work on your empowerment.

More self-love and self-confidence

Self-love is vital, for the empowerment you dream of to become reality, and truly standing tall in your strength. But working on your confidence and self-esteem is easier said than done. Questions like: ‘’How and why should I love myself more?” must be tackled.

Unfortunately, people often confuse healthy self-love and self-esteem with egoism or narcissism. The opposite is actually true: real self-esteem makes you healthier, happier, and more successful – and therefore more social too. Considering yourself a good person makes even the toughest of life’s days easier to handle. This creates a snowball effect of positive thoughts, healthy relationships, and smooth flow. As the most powerful version of yourself, you are also much better equipped to be there for others.

Empowerment will help you strengthen your sense of connection with others and get more from all your relationships. We are stronger when we empower each other. When you feel happy, healthy, competent, and loved, you are the best company anyone could wish for. So, it’s a win-win, for you and everyone around you.

Three empowerment strategies

Enough theory, by now you are clear on what empowerment can do for you. What does the empowerment process look like in practice? Use these three empowerment tactics to boost your self-confidence and happiness:

1. Work on a more positive self-image and mindset.

It is important to look at yourself in a positive way and focus on all the good things you do in life. Don’t let yourself get distracted with self-criticism, negativity, or unrealistic beauty ideals, shift and keep your focus on what makes you a great, unique person. Be proud but stay humble and sincere; avoid boasting and arrogance. With practice, this strengthens your honest, positive outlook and makes you a magnet that others want to be around. These tips can help you work on a positive self-image and an optimistic outlook:

  • Keep track of what you are grateful for daily. This could be anything: the sunshine, your pet, good neighbours, a great conversation… Jot down your gratitude list every day in a dedicated notebook, journal, or electronic file. Read though them from time to time, especially as reminders when you are feeling less positive.
  • Ask others in your circle what they appreciate about you. Record and keep all those responses accessible too, then re-visit them periodically.
  • Give at least one sincere compliment to someone else every day. Consider this your two-for-one: You are adding to someone else’s self-esteem while also cultivating your eye for all the good things that surround you.
  • Tuck away your phone and take a walk “around the block,” actively looking for things that make you happy: ducks, smileys, murals – keep your eyes peeled, it could be anything!

2. Set goals

A good way to feel more powerful is to give yourself goals. These can be ambitious, but most importantly, achievable. Healthy habits and good routines is a great area to concentrate these goals around, that will help you feel better over time. Make them specific and give them deadlines, recruit you circle for added awareness, support, and accountability whenever you need to. To start you off, a few examples of goals that can help you become more empowered:

  • Take 8,000 steps every day.
  • Pick up a new hobby and schedule regular time for it in your agenda.
  • Train for then participate in a local road race, and set a good time for yourself.

By mapping goals then breaking them down into smaller, doable steps, you are making your growth a real, manageable process. In addition, you are creating regular, ongoing moments to be proud of yourself. You will soon notice that you feel more in control of your life and your happiness. Above all, don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone every now and again: that’s where so much of our potential for growth is!

3. Selfcare

Last but never least, self-care is an essential component of empowerment. Self-care literally means what it says, taking care of yourself in all aspects. That includes everything you can do to fuel your body, mind, and self-belief. It is a major marker of healthy self-esteem: you deserve to be here. Equally true, those who take care of themselves feel both mentally and physically better. And all that definitely has a positive effect on your appearance.

This is what self-care can look like:

  • Plan regular weekends or mini breaks away to relax and recharge. Go by yourself, with friends, or with your partner.
  • Working on your health is an outstanding form of self-care; exercise to feel fitter, prep tasty, healthy meals.
  • Pay a little extra attention to your appearance and look. Give yourself the care of a skincare treatment and quality skincare products that work for you. The better you take care of your skin, the more you will retain a radiant, healthy glow, and your self-confidence will grow.
  • Simply do more of what you enjoy. Block times in your schedule that are just for you, and do what you feel like in those moments.

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Empowerment is in your hands.

You’ve got it, empowerment starts and ends with you. Start taking the necessary steps to feel better about yourself and more self-confident, be proud of everything you accomplish. Above all, make it a habit to take good care of yourself, on all fronts: from healthy behaviour to your outward appearance. Yaomi Skin Care is here to support you in those efforts by making your skin shine. That is our way of helping you take care of yourself, with love, inside and out.

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