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About us

Yaomi Skin Care

You might recognize that stress makes your skin look dull and decreases your self-confidence. When you’re not feeling comfortable in your own skin, you avoid new challenges. Good skincare is therefore essential, both from the inside and the outside!

Understanding your busy life as a female entrepreneur in home care and nursing. Running a company, motherhood, being a wife, and a friend. Many people around me ask me what the secret is to my radiant skin amidst all the busyness. And then I proudly answer: Yaomi Skin Care.


Natural skin care for every skin

Yaomi's products

Whatever your skin type, complexion or any skin problem is, Yaomi Skin Care has the right skin care products for you. Our natural skincare line is made for everyone.



The better you take care of yourself, the longer your skin will stay radiant. With Yaomi Skin Care products, I share my skincare secrets and want to help everyone feel confident. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever your skin tone is: dare to step out of your comfort zone, embrace yourself, and discover all that you can achieve.



Looking good is not just a matter of wearing beautiful clothes and makeup. It’s about how confidently you stand. And whether you are confident and proud. You can only achieve that when you feel good about yourself. Yaomi Skin Care helps you with that. The products provide a hydrated, radiant, and healthy-looking skin. For women and men. They adhere to your skin, making makeup stay in place. But with Yaomi Skin Care, you actually don’t need makeup to shine. Our products are there for you, your skin, and your radiant appearance!

The developer of Yaomi Skin Care.

Yeredis Lucas

Yeredis Lucas is the founder of Yaomi Skin Care. She grew up in Curaçao and has a busy life as a nurse, entrepreneur, and mother (among other things…). Despite all the busyness, both men and women in her surroundings ask what the secret is behind her radiant skin. And that’s how Yaomi’s skincare and cleansing products came into existence. Always keeping in mind the motto of this powerful woman:

You can become anything you want to be. Take good care of yourself from the inside and the outside, and the strength to make your dreams come true will always find its way.

The various products of Yaomi Skin Care are the result of Yeredis’ quest for all the secrets to beautiful and radiant skin. They are filled with proven effective, natural ingredients that support the skin in various ways, combined with innovations from the lab. Also important: they are made with a focus on sustainability and care for the environment, people, and animals. Something that, for Yaomi, is nothing less than self-evident.

How it all began…

The history of Yaomi Skin Care began in the Dutch Antilles. Curaçao, to be precise. I grew up there in a family of four children, of which I was the youngest. And as the youngest child, I wanted to do everything in my power to achieve my own goals and make my voice heard. I quickly learned that when you feel good, you also radiate it and can take on the world. And that confident feeling, I want to pass it on.

But a family, career, and social life leave no room for an extensive skincare routine. That’s why I developed Yaomi. Natural and sustainable products that make you shine.

I delved into Skin Care and experimented extensively with as many natural ingredients and compositions as possible. And with success: I often hear from people that they find my skin beautiful and that I look so young for my age. And I wish the same for you!

In the Yaomi Skin Care products, all the knowledge I have gained along the way is included. They are made with attention to detail, sustainability, and respect for humans, animals, and the environment. The unique combination of nature and science is my secret weapon. The products are developed to nourish all skin types, tones, and textures at all stages of maturity.

Brand values


Brand values give a brand character and color. We see them as the human characteristics of Yaomi Skin Care. They are values that we reflect, if possible, in everything we do.

Yaomi Skin Care Positiviteit


With Yaomi Skin Care, you take good care of yourself. Inside and out. We help you feel better in your own skin, literally and figuratively.

Yaomi Skin Care Empowerment


Embrace yourself and discover that you can achieve more than you think. We are stronger when we give strength to each other. We are here for you! No matter how your skin looks.

Yaomi Skin Care Natuur en Lab

Nature and lab

Our skincare products are 100% vegan, with natural ingredients. We support this with laboratory technical aspects. This means: the best of both worlds!