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Acne is a skin problem that most people will recognise from their youth. Not many people have made it through puberty without at least some pimples and blemishes. But teenagers aren’t the only ones feeling this pain…

Later in life, the skin can react like a rebellious teen due to hormonal impacts, such as during their cycle for women, or due to testosterone levels for men. Hormones, nutrition, lifestyle, and stress all affect both our skin and our self-confidence. Explore the right skin care routine to reduce and prevent acne breakouts. Learn how to tackle troublesome pimples at any age.


The (not so fun) facts

  1. Acne can be part of your family history. If your parents were both challenged by it, there is a good chance you may be too.
  2. Hormones have a huge impact on your skin quality, both positively and negatively.
  3. It’s never 100% in your control, but you can be an active part of the solution with the right skincare, a healthy lifestyle, and other choices.

How does acne happen?

To better understand how you can combat acne with smart skincare, it helps to understand how it occurs. In short, it all starts with a clogged pore. Microscopic sebaceous glands found in your skin’s hair follicles produce natural lubricating oil: sebum. This oil protects your skin from drying out. On the surface, it’s a fine feature; otherwise we would have been walking around with dry, scaly skin since ancient times. However, acne often occurs when sebum production gets out of hand. That sebum mixes with dirt and dead skin cells to form a pimple.

If the (normally harmless) bacteria that live on your skin interfere, your sebaceous gland and the hair follicle it’s part of can become inflamed. In that case, the damage is more visible, and large, painful cysts may even develop. Very unpleasant!

Thanks, hormones, and testosterone

This increased sebum production is often caused by hormones. Testosterone, also known as the ‘male’ hormone, plays a role in the development of acne regardless of gender. Women have a certain amount of it in their bodies too. When there’s too much testosterone, the sebaceous glands go into overdrive. For example, this can happen to adolescent boys when the testosterone boost needed for physical growth kicks in. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) also often have higher than optimal testosterone levels, with acne as a difficult added consequence. The hormone level changes of other ‘female things,’ like menstruation and pregnancy, can also negatively impact the skin.

As for ‘man things’: it is also true that in men testosterone plays a role in the increased sebum production that can cause acne. Particularly during puberty, boys get a testosterone boost for that much needed physical development that sometimes also causes a true sebaceous gland rebellion. So, just like with the ladies, hormonal fluctuations can contribute to significant unrest in male skin too.

Acne and skincare

Fortunately, you can make a positive impact on your skin. A good, consistent skincare routine is important to prevent your acne problems from worsening. In other words, sufficient cleansing, and care. Not too often and not too little. Twice-a-day is ideal, when you wake up and especially before you go bed. Cleansing more often can strip and disrupt your skin and its sebum production, so that is not the best approach. Squeezing pimples is definitely not recommended. This can worsen your breakouts and leave you with permanent acne scars. (Keep your hands with all their bacteria away from your face.)

Step 1: cleanse

Cleanse your skin twice-a-day. In the morning to start the day with a clean slate and in the evening to wash away dirt, pollutants, and any products or make-up accumulated during the day.
Our skin care line features various products to cleanse your skin gently yet completely.

  • Cleanser: a pure and natural clean. The Delightful Cleanser helps you remove dirt and excess sebum, giving your skin the ideal start and finish daily. Ingredients like jojoba oil and moringa work to moisturise, nourish, and heal.
  • Toner: deep nourishment and refreshing hydration. Our Walking On Air Toner is designed to clean and care for your face extra deeply. Your skin feels cleaner, fresher, and softer. Now, you are perfectly prepared for day and night cream, and make-up or a healthy natural look.
  • Exfoliator: bye-bye dead skin cells. Build-up of dead skin cells can worsen acne. Yaomi Blissful Exfoliator provides an intensive yet gentle cleanse, removing dead skin cells while providing much-needed skin care. It’s a mild but effective exfoliator. That is exactly what troubled, acne-prone skin needs.

Step 2: moisturize

The right balance between cleansing and hydration is key to beautiful, acne-free skin. You want to remove dirt and excess sebum and provide skin with sufficient oils – the healthy and nourishing kinds. Our skincare line’s Empower Me Serum serum is full of ingredients that hydrate, protect, and soothe. The Spirit Sparkle Day- and Night Cream is another unmissable part of your anti-acne toolkit. Make your skin more resilient to external impacts. Actively combat inflammation and skin issues with the help of oil naturally derived from sunflower seeds and other fine ingredients.

All in all, a skincare routine that suits you can help reduce and prevent acne. Ensure an effective balance between cleansing and care. And don’t forget to take good care of yourself in the broadest sense of the word: your skin and you are worth it!

That’s how you fight acne

Acne is often a question of hormonal bad luck and not a reflection that you aren’t taking care of yourself. But making lifestyle and habit changes can also really help your skin health. Do you eat a lot of junk food, especially sugar? Poor eating ups your pimple risk. Smoking also increases your acne chances. Beyond that, certain medications can either worsen or reduce acne, like birth control pills or lithium-based treatment. Last but hardly least, stress can have a negative impact on your skin. In all these cases, you can seek help from your doctor, a dietician, and other professional specialists to work toward a healthy solution.

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All in all, a skincare routine that suits you can help reduce and prevent acne. Ensure an effective balance between cleansing and care. And don’t forget to take good care of yourself in the broadest sense of the word: your skin and you are worth it!